About Us

The older we get the more convinced we become that the trails are sacred. Of the many things we have bonded over, our love of the trails is a big one. We’ve run and biked, laughed and cried over countless miles together, we’ve stood atop dozens of peaks and experienced feeling so small and also incredibly lucky together, we’ve braved extreme temps, crazy weather and been repeatedly humbled at what our bodies and minds are capable of. Us women and the trails we cherish, together we’ve been through some of the best and worst of times… The trails continue to teach and heal us, they’re part of who we are and, maybe one reason we love them so much is because, at the end of the day, the trails really don’t care that we rarely have our sh… together! 😉  We are passionate about the mountains, the trails and the soul-sisters you find on them. Join us at this year’s Trailfest and let’s celebrate women on the trails!!

Contact Information

Email: wildfloweroutdoortrailfest@gmail.com

Phone: 435-659-1835 or 801-726-7249