The facts about sex in ancient Greece and Rome

November 1st, 2019 by

The facts about sex in ancient Greece and Rome

GSN requires a consider homosexuality when you look at the ancient Greco-Roman world.

Sex is an interest often whitewashed out of our history books, therefore we rarely start to see the spot of LGBT individuals within the ancient world pointed out in tv documentaries.

A lot of us realize that the pagan that is ancient had been more tolerant of homosexuality compared to the one god religions that will follow. But just exactly how tolerant were the greeks that are ancient Romans? It turns as you might like to think out they weren’t nearly as tolerant.

Neither the Greeks or the Romans had a notion of homosexuality or heterosexuality.

Guys were thought become interested in both men and women, also to show a choice for starters intercourse had been considered eccentric.

But as both societies were extremely patriarchal that which was essential in sexual relationships ended up being the status of whom did the penetrating and how old they are.

These days the idea of intercourse between sex dating two grown guys ended up being profoundly taboo because it was seen to lessen the passive partner towards the standard of a lady. (more…)