Composing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters, Alphabet & Words

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Composing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters, Alphabet & Words

Teacher Overview

Composing Wizard – youngsters Learn to Write Letters from L’Escapadou is made to help young ones learn to locate letters and quantity. The application also incorporates some page naming and sounds that are phonetic. The application permits the young young ones to understand just how to compose in smaller and longer kinds.

Teacher Review

Typically developing learners and the ones who have a problem with fine engine, handwriting and dysgraphia will gain significantly with this app.To maintain the young ones engaging, composing Wizard application includes amazing interactive images like stars, tiger faces, enjoyable stickers and along side sound files. The app additionally ses some letters that are clearly identifiable communicate meaning, representing some noises plainly plus in series.

For Moms And Dads

Tracing History will offer step-by-step reports to parents on what children are progressing and where their children are struggling and perhaps the difficulty that is current matches them or otherwise not. These reports may be sent and exported in a message. Moms and dads can print worksheets for children to rehearse having a paper and pencil from the application.

Instructor Certification


Learning Abilities

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Developer Description

Composing Wizard is made to assist every kid discover ways to locate letters, figures and terms through an enjoyable system very carefully built to keep inspiration.


  • Show and enforce how exactly to locate letters precisely
  • British Font included
  • Fun tracing utilizing 50+ animated stickers, sound files and interactive games that animate letters at the conclusion of tracing
  • Uppercase & lowercase letters, figures and terms
  • Capacity to create your own personal term listings (and record sound for every single term)
  • 5 Fonts available
  • Completely customizable to match every child’s requires (page size, trouble. )
  • Always check progress as a result of reports that display exactly exactly exactly what the young son or daughter has traced
  • Forms activity that is tracing young children
  • Create PDF Worksheets and printing them to greatly help your son or daughter to create on paper
  • 160K+ units offered (27K to schools) ! (more…)